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Emergency Case

If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours.
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Digital Xray for Podiatry

Crystal clear Digital Podiatric Xrays with A2D2's Model 128!

The Model 128 is a 21 megapixel Direct Digital Radiography Podiatry System with superior image quality and a state-of-the-art digitizing system. 

A stress fracture is not an easy injury to identify. The difference between a sore foot and a stress fracture can convert a few patient visits into almost a $1,000 increase in revenue! Even more important is the degree of improvement in patient care and the optimizing of diagnostic data interpretation. These factors are essential to both doctor and patient.

A stress fracture can be difficult to diagnose because the fracture site may obscure viewing of the fracture site itself. Frequently, a stress fracture is characterized by pain, possible swelling and little else. Sometimes a faint fracture line may be present but seeing it is not always easy. A hurried look may lead the doctor into missing the details of the fracture.

A2D2's Model 128 includes cutting edge software which provides crystal clear XRays that are essential in making this diagnosis correctly. With other imaging systems, there may be little help for seeing what is actually there even with all their available views. Our Digital Xray system allows you to lower the KVp and try another exposure. Lower KVp produces softer X-rays,which makes seeing a slightly stressed bone much easier than when using a harder beam of X-rays.

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Digital Podiatry Xrays

21 Megapixel Imaging

Higher resolution is the basis of exceptional digital xrays. The Model 128 produces 21 Megapixel images!

Model 128 Software

Our highly specialized software takes the raw images and produces crystal clear xrays in seconds!

Always Updated

Our software is always updated free of charge providing you with the best technology with no additional cost!