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Digital Radiography vs Computed Radiography

Why should I move to digital X-Rays?

The most common reason is time and money.  Chemical film processing takes longer and the expense to run and maintain the system never goes away.  Recent Medicare laws will reduce reimbursements for those not utilizing a Direct Radiography (DR) X-Ray system in their practice.  Practices have kept these chemical processing systems alive for so long, why invest any more money in older technology when there is an affordable DR system out there.

How does DR (Direct Radiography) differ from CR (Computed Radiography)?

The biggest difference is speed. With CR digital, you capture images on a series of cassettes, then process those images on a digital scanner, then the image is transferred to a computer screen for viewing. This process can take a minute or longer per view.

With DR, you press the exposure button on the X-Ray generator and you see an image on the screen within 6-8 seconds.

There are very few moving parts on the A2D2 system. Our clients who have upgraded from CR to DR tell us that their CR units would require repurchasing cassettes $800-$1000 each) every few years and the belts that drive the scanner wear with use and need to be replaced periodically.

Can I view X rays in all exam rooms?
Are there licensing costs for additional rooms?

Images are available immediately after they are taken from any computer in your office that has the A2D2 software installed on that computer. There is no limit to the number of computers you can install the software on and there is no charge for these viewing stations.

Who is A2D2 and why wouldn't I buy from them directly?

A2D2 Is an acronym for Ann Arbor Digital Devices.  They are the manufacturer of both the hardware and software that comprises their DR digital x ray system. They sell their product through a network of authorized dealers located throughout the country. Contact us today and we will pair you with an authorized dealer!


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