Good News: We’re moving, bigger and better.

We are happy to announce that Ann Arbor Digital Devices (A2D2) is in the process of moving into a new and larger facility in Dexter, Michigan. We are expanding our space almost three-fold and will be able to add to our work-force. Dexter, Michigan is a town away from Chelsea and somewhat closer to Ann Arbor.

This is another banner year for us with additional growth in sales and product features. We are also in the process of introducing the latest Model 128i podiatry system with improved functionality and features. Prices remain the lowest in the industry with a step up in performance.

We will be in our new location in Dexter starting November 1st, 2014 with expanded office space and more modern facilities. Thanks to Michigan X-Ray setting up our X-Ray equipment the transition into our new facility should go smoothly. Between the two of us we can boast of the latest digital X-ray technology in the nation, if not the world.

A training room will now become available so that customers and dealers alike can benefit from our newest technology. With accommodations within a short drive and a collection of fine restaurants nearby, we welcome our dealers and customers to visit.